Full Name: Matthew Lee Collins
Date of Birth: Sep/18/1994
Place of Birth: Singapore
Home: Jupiter, Florida
Started kiteboarding:  2005

I have always loved being around the water. Growing up in Jupiter, Florida, virtually every activity with my family and friends revolves around water sports.

I started wake boarding with my brother, Charlie, when I was eight on our family’s johnboat. We did everything on that boat, from skurfing and skiing, to snook fishing up and down the intracoastal. When conditions were right, my friends and I would go surfing. From Corners and the Jupiter Pier to the north, down to the pump house and Palm Beach Inlet to the south,  we were always able to find something fun to surf.

Each year our family would go to the Bahamas to fish and dive. Typically,  we would caravan over with two or three other families to the Abacos. One year I saw a man kiting at Taloo Cut and was immediately captivated with it and knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

With some prodding from me, my parents bought me a trainer kite for my tenth birthday.

After a few week,s I was able to use my skim board and trainer in the shore break. The next year, I went to Cape Hatterras where I learned the basics of kiting. I came back from that trip with my first kite, a seven-meter Fuel. I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever owned. Back home I started spending time at Jupiter KiteBoarding with Jeremy Green who let me borrow a lot of his gear and he introduced me to a lot of the local riders.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time and ride with two of the top kiters in the US, Jon Modica and Damien Leroy. These guys have been a huge influence on me ,and I look up to them on and off the water.  Jon lent me my first freestyle board — a Roguewave 110.

At thirteen, my riding started to come together, and I rode virtually every day after school. At the time i was eighty five pounds ,so the wind was never too light. I also started to travel for competition and for fun.

In 2008, I was invited to join the Cabrinha and NPX team. Cabrinha and NPX  have been fantastic in supporting my desire to take my kiting to the next level.

I don’t like to really get stuck in one style of kiteboarding– I like to do it all whether it be wake style, surf or course racing — different conditions call for different disciplines. I think the best kiter is the one that can do it all, and that is what I would like to achieve.